Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Do I contradict myself?
Very well, then, I contradict myself, I am large – I contain multitudes.
– Walt Whitman

Human beings are complex and we are all made up of many different aspects of ourselves that have developed over time and from very specific circumstances.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy can be helpful if:

  • Have you ever felt internally conflicted about something?
  • Wanted to be with someone and at the same time, part of you just couldn’t?
  • Wished for a new job while you knew you were sabotaging those same dreams?
  • Felt confusion or symptoms of anxiety or depression that made decision making difficult?


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The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model was founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz in the late 1980’s and is a gestalt-based model that recognizes that each of our psyches is comprised of several different parts or sub-aspects. In addition to this view that the mind has multiple facets, IFS draws from the systems model of family therapy in examining and interacting with these various “parts.”

Many of us have experienced ambivalence toward what we want. It is this push/pull dynamic that can sometimes keep us from attaining our goals. These roles can become rigid or internalized and behave in a systematic way that may interfere with our ability to experience fulfillment or may even cause disturbing symptoms like anxiety and depression, irrational thought patterns or emotional stagnation.

IFS begins with the core Self, the place where we feel most safe and calm, and works with our most vulnerable parts (exiles), the pro-active protectors of these exiles (managers) and the re-active protectors (firefighters). Through working with the perspective, memories, feelings, goals and motivation of each “part,” we can create more peace, balance, understanding and acceptance within our internal system (see for more information).


Together we will examine your different aspects of Self
and help you to work toward the goals you desire
while understanding and lessening the symptoms that are troubling for you.


IFS can also be helpful in cases of trauma and as an adjunct to other therapies. I have completed the full one-year foundational training in Internal Family Systems work and combine it with other approaches as needed.

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