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The best teachers are those who tell you where to look,
but don’t tell you what to see.  – Alexandra K Trenfor

Choose one of the Following Workshops or Let Me Design One Specifically for Your Company or Group’s Needs and Interests!

Many Workshops Are Also Available Online or in a Virtual Telephone Format

(Pricing varies according to each program type so please inquire upon registration)

Using Writing With Your Clients

Are you a clinician interested in the creative arts and would like to use writing more in your practice but aren’t sure where to begin? Join us for this 12 hour program (offered in a weekend workshop format as well as a 6 week group format). This is an introductory workshop that will provide you with some of the beginning tools to use journaling and poetry techniques within your practice.  This is an introduction only and does not substitute for on-going training or credentialing.  Group size is limited to 10 participants and is available in both virtual and face-to-face formats. Contact me to register!

Wellness Metaphors

Are you curious about how to have more relaxation in your life?  Want to discover and establish healthy, new routines but aren’t sure how to begin?  Join us for this interactive 8 week group that explores wellness of mind, body and spirit, utilizing creative techniques from writing and the action methods of psychodrama together with meditation practices.  Gather your own group of interested folks, invite me to your corporation or join one of my groups in formation now.  Contact me to register! 

Poetry Peer Group

Want to experience the power of poetry in community? This is a virtual group for those anywhere around the globe with an interest in experiencing a peer group in poetry therapy. Each group is 90 minutes long and will be held on a telephone conference line (schedule and number provided upon registration).  Group runs in 8 week cycles and then opens to accommodate new members. You need not be enrolled in a training program to attend. Limited to a maximum of 12.  Contact me to register!

Journal to the Self

Join us to experience the power of the journal! Learn new methods of exploring your subconscious and your creativity. This is a 12 hour course focused on a variety of journal techniques that enhance personal growth, self-knowledge and goal setting and attainment (based on the book by Kay Adams). Separate groups are available for adults and adolescents as well as for professionals.  Course is offered 4 times yearly in both CT and NY.  Contact me to register! 

Giving Sorrow Words

Are you or your loved ones or co-workers going through a painful transition?  Sometimes help is needed to move through these changes. This is an interactive workshop about grief, loss or moving on.  Group meets for 6 meetings, each consisting of 90 minutes. This program is available to be held at your place of business, or in your home or community.  This workshop is inspired by a collection of poems created by the National Association for Poetry Therapy Foundation.  Contact me to register!

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Contact me to discuss designing a program for your work place or group. Retreat packages are also available.  Workshop offerings change so please check back frequently and also on our Wellness Metaphors Facebook page.

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